Ferritic NitroCarburizing (FNC)

Ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) imparts high surface hardness, improved wear resistance and fatigue resistance to a wide variety of carbon steel, alloy steel and cast iron parts. Because the process is carried out at temperatures below 590 C, retention of core properties and good dimensional control are achieved.

The surface compound layer formed by FNC treatment is an epsilon iron-nitride compound and this layer may range in depth from 0.005 mm to .025 mm depending upon cycle parameters selected and base material being treated. FNC compound layer hardness values will typically range from 55 to 65 HRC depending on the base material being treated.

Higher alloy steels with nitride forming elements (Cr, Mo, Ti, W, and Al) will have higher hardness compound layers than plain carbon and low alloy steels and will also benefit from the formation of an underlying higher hardness diffusion zone below the compound layer that gives improved fatigue life and helps to support the surface compound layer.




•Clutch plates

•Bearing cages

•Wheel spindles


•Valve guides

•Windshield wiper arms and components

•Hydraulic cylinder shafts