Leader of Comprehensive Heat Treatment and other special processing services with manufacturing of Aerospace and Military parts

As the first commercial heat treatment company established in Korea 1970, KHT (Korea Heat Treatment) has been a leader proudly serving Aerospace, Defense and Automotive industries over the past 50 years.

Our professional knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities have continually met the demands of these complex industries and have allowed us to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.

KHT offers a complete range of heat treatment and other special processing services. Our credentials include approvals from major Aerospace, Military, Heavy Equipment & Automotive sources. Customers may choose to use specific standards predetermined by industry leaders or provide their own specifications that best suit their needs.

In addition, equipped with the best machining equipment and experienced, engineering personals, KHT supplies parts for Aerospace and Military industries. This is to offer our valued customers a choice with more control in terms of quality, on-time delivery and cost savings by providing them one stop solution.

Our commitment is to our customers, and we hope to build a long lasting partnership that enables us to serve your needs & growth for today and tomorrow.